Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Happy Birthday Madam President"

Regardless of all the static fear lies, and super bad vibes of this whole year. I'm glad this election 2016 mayhem is finally over,...mostly. Also I like the sound of "Madam president" that.

Only took 240 years.

When Hillary was 11 she wrote NASA, and asked how she could become an Astronaut. They wrote back saying, "...girls can't be astronauts."


Now we have to figure out what the fuck we do next. I mean 38% of our Republic are out of the closet are deranged Nazi's. The vast rooted corruptness of both major political parties is now open for all to see.

There's no shoving that rancid shit back up ya ass.

The rich are preparing for the collapse of the world economic system. Hoarding cash, buying up all the gold, and building bunkers.

...leaving the rest of us twisting in the wind with our collective thumbs up our butts. That, and they killed off "Glenn" on "Walking Dead".

I really liked that guy,...arrogant fuck heads!

So welcome, and "Happy Bleeping Birthday" Madam Hillary the First. I know you can't or won't do anything to help us, but please please try not to fuck us too hard.

Btw also kinda try not to have a Nuclear War with that maniac Putin.

Maybe just have a Black Ops team blow his brains out. Maybe do something about them writers on "Walking Dead" as well. I'm sure this can be arraigned with the Russian Mafia,...Obama has their number.

Stay tuned.


  1. Morris Berman speculated recently on his blog (Dark Ages America) that Hillary probably started out with good intentions, but the path to power corrupts, and she's been on it for a long time. The Democratic party is now the party of the Establishment. They will continue to screw everyone except the rich. That business about breaking through the glass ceiling only applies to rich women, mostly white ones. All other women will continue to be as wretched and poor as they are now, or - most likely - will become even more so, to the detriment of all their indices of well being, life expectancy very much included.

    BTW, did you know that Hillary is on record as favoring the assassination of Julian Assange by drone strike?


    P.S. - Please don't take this as suggesting that I'm in favor of Trump. He's a clown who just talks out his ass off the cuff. In this election, the only credible option on offer is the greater of two evils. Z.

  2. Lets see I could be injected with Ebola or AIDS.

    With Ebola I'll bleed out in agony through every opening including my eyes...then in a few days...a week tops... I fucking die.

    With AIDS at least in this country I'm on expensive meds mostly debilitated, and die, extreme agony of course in a maybe five years...10 or so if I'm lucky.

    Humm...tough one.