Thursday, October 20, 2016

"October Surprise"

I've been thinking about the rest of the world. Something Americans mostly don't do. However some serious shit is going down around the Middle East. If real war comes between Russia, and the U.S. in the Mediterranean. It will be a frightful bloody massacre for both sides.

This given the kinds of anti-ship weapons available to both, and the large submarine fleets of both.

Such a battle will mark the end of the surface fleets as useful conventional weapons systems. Just as the Carrier did away with the Battleship. Anti-shipping missiles, and submarines will end the era of large surface fleets.

Actually this has been so for over 20 years.

However like the Battleship Admirals before them. The current Surface Fleet Admirals hold sway. Major conventional naval engagements in the Eastern Mediterranean if they happen will forever end this.

'And yes an actual War could happen over there either by error or calculation. This while we're all back here fighting over these two Clowns, and their hoards who are trying for the presidency.

Amazing. War is right now an actual possibility between major powers, and we're hardly even noticing.  A for real "October Surprise" indeed. 

Stay Tuned.


  1. Exactly. Carrier groups are already obsolete. They're only good for pounding lesser nations into submission, typically with great loss of civilian life (have you noticed that we kill people all the time, including kids, and that by and large most Americans neither wish to know nor give a shit about that?). The minute we go up against a real adversary they'll sink our silly fleet with cruise missiles and probably other hardware to boot.

    I'm afraid your recent dreams about desert warfare may turn out to be prophetic. The folks at counterpunch seem to think events in Syria could trigger WWIII, making this Halloween a lot scarier than usual. I sure hope not though.


  2. Hey... fuck it!
    I've had a good life and I don't give a shit what these buffoons do to each other. I'll just sit back watching and laughing.

  3. Well that was George Carlin's attitude, only he was talking about American decline, not WWIII - about the freak show to which every American has a front-row seat, as he put it. He knew this country was finished, but said it's important to not give a shit.

    I'd like to take that attitude, but I am kinda worried about personal survival. Also, I haven't had anything like enough joy in this life. I'd like to find a nice safe spot to watch from, like say Uruguay or Costa Rica, and *then* laugh my ass off as it all goes down.


  4. Well if we, and the Russians don't find a way to back down disaster will strike. Many lives many ships will die in sudden hellfire. It will be like the Battle of the Spanish Armada in the 16th century.

    Only this time 'both' sides will be obliterated.

    Yet we blindly proceed.