Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Through a Dream Darkly"

On top of everything else I'm having WW2 dreams. I'm remembering/dreaming things as if I were there. That or maybe I'm remembering my father's memories.

His experience of the War.

I have in fact been dreaming about him in recent months. The family generally, but him in particular. With these dreams. What is he trying to tell me or me him.

He never told us much about the War. However over many years we slowly pieced things together. It was a horror for him. Sometimes when I was little I'd hear him moan even cry out in his sleep.

My Mom told me not to ask him about that.

So now I finally share his experience. As I did my bother John's experiences in yet another War in a different vivid dream. I told you of that on the radio years ago.

I now see what they both saw filtered through decades of life experience, and the mystical connections dreams give us to the departed.

I see the Wars as if I were part of them. Which through my brother, and father I was/am.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Yeah, I bet you are dreaming their experiences. I probably wouldn't have believed this ten or a dozen years ago, but my beliefs have changed.

    Funny, I practically never dream about my dad. I guess not everyone is born with a big dose of the Sight. As I mentioned before, he was killed in a plane crash when I was a kid. He was a terrific parent.


  2. I remember you told me. I'm sorry for the loss of your Dad. However he's still around in some way...they all are. I passed through that Ram Dass, and later spiritual baloney back in the day like everyone else.

    However this "Sight" stuff is independent of all the whooie.

    We all have it to one degree or other. Mind you this could be "whooie" as well. Still shit is going down. I can't say what I can't describe it's nature, but something is up.

    Known this jazz since birth...we all have.

    Some maniacs turn it into a religion other just con folks out of their savings with stupid chants they made up, and magic gems, and such.

    Me I just dream shit, and write it down.

    Still waiting for some spook to give me Lotto numbers though.

  3. Think of your Dad. Do this, and he'll show up sooner or later. If you open doors stuff comes through. I've figured that out at least.

    Btw don't think evil crap. Don't mess about with bleeped up scary stuff. You open doors shit can come through if you invite it. Had that happen...not fun.

    Yeah I know what all this sounds like. That just can't be helped as "Dr. Watson" sometimes said.

    He also said, ..."It's just in the nature of things."