Saturday, October 1, 2016


I was out wandering around today. It's healthy to walk even if just a few blocks. This lets you know the world is still there, and your body still functional.

Also you get to see the seasons change. I remember early this spring on a similar walk how the buds were just barely poking up, and the wind had a slight warmth to it. Now as I stumbled about another change.

It was a chilly raw rainy fall day today...just the way I likes it.

Thanks to Planetary Climate Changes we have a longer warm period. It's warm to hot for near six months of the year now. This as opposed to the three to four months of my childhood.

Longer growing seasons which is good in the short term. Higher sea levels  shrinking glaciers, and expanding deserts in the long term.


(Btw there's our pal "Bob the Bunny in his fall jacket with me wandering the wet streets.)

Me'n Bob was fine with the chilly winds, and rain...we need the rain anyway. Also my electric bill will go down what with my air conditioner in mothballs till April. Yeah mid-April is when I clean it out, and put it back in the window.

Used to be early June.

As I like to say, "...the Sun, and Moon have chased each other through the seasons, and now Fall has come. Fall with it's cold nights swift winds bright stars, and fiery trees."

I made that up for some story or other many years back. Anyway you comrades be good to each other. 'Be back in a few days.

Stay Tuned.


  1. According to Paul Erlich, author of "The Population Bomb" - the guy who warned us about population pressure back in the 60s - the first serious consequence of climate change will be that upon agriculture. Disrupted precipitation patterns, melting glaciers, sinking water tables and vanishing snowpacks are already posing problems in some places. Crises in food production will affect more people faster than sea level rise, which will take longer to play out.


  2. P.S. - walking is great. It tends to prevent various kinds of bad degenerative shit from happening with your bod. Also, I like to see the scenery going by.


  3. Walking may be great, but I'm getting over some blow-back from the journey through that famine I was on about. I looked up how to treat long term poor nourishment...and of course ignored all of it, and pigged out on as much junk, and crap as I could for over a week.

    I got as sick as a dog that was locked in a hamburger factory all weekend.


    I'm stabilizing, and going on the instructed diet of rice soup fruit veggies, and tea. If I had a Sherlock Holmes type of Mrs. Hudson to look after me this sort of thing wouldn't happen to me...a lot of insane shit wouldn't happen if I had a stable proper, and sane person around to inform me when I was about to do something that could potentially kill me.

    Very handy personality to have around.

    Z I hope that your ongoing adventures are healing as well...ain't we got fun?

  4. Sorry you had another misadventure. Just stick with the easy-on-the-tummy diet regimen and rest up until your tissues feel restored. Watch Dr. Who to your heart's content.

    I'm recovering from dental surgery, and am truly grateful not to be walking around with a hernia, thanks to ObummerCare. But I'm still pissed about the inequity of first-rate dental coverage for bankers and senators, but maiming and disfigurement for the rest of us. Oh well, at least I'm not dead of an abscess.

    Sherlock Holmes had the perfect setup: no intrusive busybody spouse (unless you count Dr. Watson?), but a discreet and tactful landlady, always handy with a nice cup of tea. There's a reason those stories are so popular.