Friday, October 7, 2016

"Peoples Court"

As court cases go, the State of Georgia V. Denver Fenton Allen may be one of the most insane legal proceedings in history. After all, it’s not every day a defendant repeatedly tells a judge “go fuck yourself” and “suck my dick.” (The entire transcript is truly a thing of beauty, truly.)

The team at Rick and Morty caught wind of this insanity and did their own re-creation for San Diego Comic-Con back in July, featuring Morty as the Judge and Rick as the world’s most vulgar defendant.

After fan-postings of the animatic went viral, Adult Swim released an official version of the film shown at SDCC.

Now some fans have decided to do an even better version. Using Toonboom Harmony 14, YouTuber tiarawhy took the black and white animatic and animated it in full color. It took two months of work, but it looks just great.

I'm a true "Rick, and Morty" fan. Look them up on YouTube. This dramatic reading of an actual insane case down in Georgia is prime Time Capsule material.

This shit actually did make me laugh out loud. I ain't done that in months. For no other reason than that. I thank the overpaid oblivious racist slacker white boys that put this swell piece of crap together.

Stay Tuned

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