Thursday, October 27, 2016

"The Evil Lying Thieving Fucks"

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has ordered the Pentagon to halt the claw back of enlistment or re-enlistment bonuses.
His decision comes in the wake of angry reaction from members of Congress who demanded he relieve the burden on the Guard members. And the White House said President Barack Obama has warned the Defense Department not to "nickel and dime" service members who were victims of fraud by overzealous recruiters.
Congress had actually been aware of the plans for at least two years.
The California National Guard told the state’s members of Congress two years ago that the Pentagon was trying to claw back reenlistment bonuses from thousands of soldiers, and even offered a proposal to mitigate the problem, but Congress took no action, according to a senior National Guard official.
On Tuesday, President Obama ordered an expedited investigation.
President Barack Obama has told the Defense Department to expedite its review of nearly 10,000 California National Guard soldiers who have been ordered to repay enlistment bonuses improperly given a decade ago, but he is not backing growing calls for Congress to waive the debts, the White House said Tuesday.


Well finally! What a fucking betrayal this was. Folks risked their lives were wounded some of them killed some many decorated,...and the government wants a refund from them??!!!!.


The shit heads that put this through in the first place need to be broken in rank, and dishonorably discharged. And someone needs to kick the living shit out of them as they're dragged out of the building!

I still want the wonks that started this shot. I believe this would serve as a useful example to all Departments concerned.

Also that prick Obama didn't waive the debts. He just started an investigation. That is the standard delaying tactic of the guilty to give them time to pin the blame on someone lower in the corporate food chain the evil lying thieving fucks!

...Strong letter to follow!

Stay Tuned.

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