Friday, September 30, 2016

"Nearly 100 Children Were Killed"

As the result of the most intense battles in the nearly six-year Syrian conflict, "at least 96 children have been killed and 223 have been injured in eastern Aleppo since Friday," according to a statement from UNICEF.

“The children of Aleppo are trapped in a living nightmare,” said UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Justin Forsyth in a statement. “There are no words left to describe the suffering they are experiencing.”

UNICEF describes the remaining health care system in eastern Aleppo, as "crumbling," with roughly 30 doctors left, barely any equipment or emergency medicine, and a rising number of trauma cases. Additionally, "a doctor on the ground told UNICEF that children with low chances of survival are too often left to die due to limited capacity and supplies."

Forsyth noted, “Nothing can justify such assaults on children and such total disregard for human life. The suffering – and the shock among children – is definitely the worst we have seen."

EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini has called the air bombardment in Aleppo, a "massacre" and stated European governments were considering their response, reports Reuters. As for how Washington will respond, U.S. officials told Reuters "they are considering tougher responses to the Russian-backed Syrian government assault, including military options, although they have described the range of possible responses as limited and say risky measures like air strikes on Syrian targets or sending U.S. jets to escort aid are unlikely."

In other words we're not going to do shit. Geo-Political circumstances ya understand. I usually have a long sermon for stuff like this, but not anymore.

The choir is already converted.

These days I just read, and watch as the world kills itself as fast as it can be arraigned. I've retreated into fantasy. That, and building scale models. Which is pointless since they'll all be shoved into a dumpster when I kick the bucket.

That along with my lifetime of arts crap.

I see no real end to all that's going down. This all this is just more of the post "2nd Hundred Years War" chaos. You know all that mayhem from roughly 1898 to 2001. Well that or whatever dates they finally agree on.

On my personal up-side. All of my senior citizen problems are for now settled...sort of. I just got some static in the mail from Medicare as to how they're going to cut stuff...if I don't convince them..., again, ...that I'm really old sick nuts, and newly poor.

They always fuck with your case hoping you'll just go away or die.

Unlike the Children of this world's killing fields I'm still here. Being fucked over in the United States of American is Paradise compared to so much to the rest of this planetary shit house.

So I shouldn't complain.

I do, and I will, but I know I should just shut up. I have medical attention I can vote I have a bleeping roof air conditioning cable a high speed connection toys fresh water food, and a front row seat to the collapse of all of Western Culture

Hey compared to some poor dumb bastard in some refugee camp or tribal war or famine region I'm a zillionaire...albeit a pissed off one.

Look I did a sermon anyway...ha!

Stay Tuned.


  1. You're right, we should be grateful. If I were in Aleppo, I'd most likely have died of an abscessed tooth this week.

    But I'm still pissed. Even now, there are countries where you would never have been denied access to food and other basics, and I wouldn't have lost my tooth. Also, we could have had a much better world than this, the possibility was within reach during our lifetimes. Now it's all gone to shit.

    Conscious retreat into fantasy is probably a good tactic for conserving your sanity. I'm going to try to make the world a less shitty place than it would be otherwise, but it's strictly a salvage operation, not some kind of salvific utopian mission.


  2. Utopian Missions are no longer on my menu. I gave in the 20th century.

    It's up to the kids now.

    I say good luck to them. My broadcasts writings art, and assorted ephemera will have to do as they are.

    Barring some sort of late epiphany my well of creativity is pretty much dry. Anything I do now is repetitive of old crap.

    Aw well.

    Back to watching "Dr. Who".

  3. Btw dear comrade you do not yet have my excuse.

    So get busy!

  4. Righto Uncle Sidney Sir! I'm on the job.