Saturday, September 17, 2016


Yeah looks like Utah or the Southwest generally. however it's Mars,...bleeping Mars. The first time the internet hit the Billion viewing mark for the first Mars rover sending back live images. This in 1996 I think.

Live images from Mars.

Just imagine. My Lord. Makes the skin tingle. At least it did then Today who cares. The multiverse has lost it's intrigue. Which celeb is banging which has more than taken it's place.

However for those of us still around that recall from personal experience staying up at night to see the first Satellites pass over. Well for us this remains a wonder.

A true, and real wonder.

You could tell what those faint lights were because they were the only things moving with any speed up there. Above rock yes, but rocks on another world that you can see along with the rest of that planet at the touch of a key. One key stroke,...and Mars.

A Miracle. least for some.

I imagine as those born before the first aircraft kept their wonder at seeing 'anything' man made in the sky. As for youngsters today,...well.

I can't imagine what they would find to be a wonder. I mean what with they're only having to go to the NASA channels.

Simply go there, and see live broadcasts from the Space Station or live images from Mars or perhaps one of the other planets. The truly Miraculous made mundane. However some of us are still in rapt wonder at all creation around us.

Nothing against the youngsters. they'll find their way, and their unique Miracles.

Stay Tuned.

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