Monday, September 26, 2016

"Life, and Times"

These are from my notes written during my year of being "Houseless".

"Time passes strangely. A minute is a year a week a second."

"My previous life has become an echo of an echo."

"I wander the frontier of an unknown country".

I had once planned to do a one person play about my time of living outside. My Houseless year of near a decade ago. My going out into the streets alcoves, and parks.

However after I got back in. In a secure home behind my own door with my own key. I found I just wanted to forget it. All of it. Who would want to pay money, and sit through such a thing...I sure wouldn't. Not just then at least.

I needed time.

Just as survivors of war need time. In fact when my brother found out ,...I told no one what had happened. After hearing of my experiences my brother John a decorated soldier told me that I was a "Veteran" now.

In that I'd spent a year in constant danger of losing my life or sanity as he had.


This past decade has been more than interesting for me. So many great lessons learned. The Houseless year. The forced retirement from my career. My Great Famine of 2016. The loss of family, and so many friends.

Much lost, but so much more gained.

A play a book or just an essay.

I will soon do one of the above about my life, and times.

Stay tuned.

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