Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Union Square #1"

  1. Yesterday I was in the 14th Street Union Square area on Senior Citizen business. I shoved my social phobias overboard, and just bit the bullet, and went out.
  2. A word to the wise on that.
  3. .
  4. ..Never...I mean never do your business with these rascals on the phone online, and most certainly never ever by mail if you can avoid it. Go in person armed with all the documents files records maps body fluid samples, and 5th grade hall passes you can find.

  5. I got more done face to face with these folks in a week than all that online , and snail mail action of the previous six months.

  6. Go to whatever department is screwing you over, and sit there till they pull guns on you. Eventually someone will see you if just to get rid of you. Also have the business cards of the assorted do gooder agencies that have been helping you...lawyers cards really help here.
  7. They will appreciate all your paper work. They really really for real love paper work that's complete to the tenth decimal place...which is what I had.

  8. They will see you as a kindred spirit, and help you out.

  9. Well okay I was seriously lucky to get some heartful human beings for my case, and everything was settled in 15 minutes. ...for real! This after a 'Four, and a Half Hour' wait.

  10. The system collapsed in the middle of everything.

  11. Still I met a bunch of neat people also trying to unravel disasters not of their making. I helped a homeless comrade fill out his forms...he couldn't read much. A neat guy. I also gave him some info that could help.

  12. A Russian guy that worked there as a computer tech...he was with the bunch trying to fix the big crash. Turned out when he was a kid he fought in Afghanistan. We talked about that, and agreed that politicians, and generals were the same no matter which country you're in.

  13. Basically they eat bleep.

  14. Anyway after getting out'a there I took some late afternoon shots of the local hood.

         ( The above is from my Facebook page.)

                                                           Stay Tuned.


  1. I had a day from hell today. A nightmare came true. I won't go into details.


  2. I'm so sorry...hang in as best you can old friend. One the up side NASA just corrected all that Astrology stuff...you might have a new sign that's doing this.

    um,...I'm just joshing.

    Everyone knows it's the Great Hamster that guides our lives.

    Which explain much.