Monday, September 26, 2016

"Social Chaos Shelter"

In the old days we'd have Civil Defense protection during times of danger, and confusion. Now it seems we're on our own with a chaotic political system, and random death on the streets.

If there were such Shelters I'd be there right now.

When I was a child in the 1950's "CD" Shelters were a common sight. Both left-over WW2 shelters, and the then newer fallout ones. Perhaps they should re-install these handy things.

They are most certainly needed.

If you see that you're about to be shot or beaten by Cops Gang-Bangers or raped by maniacs you could flee to these safe places! They are needed now as never before because we are in fact in a state of Social Chaos!

"Social Chaos Shelters" must be built, and stocked with stuff to chill us out. Cute android cats musical instruments root bear candy teddy bears medical personnel , and Militia troops with heavy hardware to vaporize the cops criminals, and assorted maniacs that chased us in there to begin with.

Eh, high speed connection assorted calming medications, and cable go without saying.

Stay Tuned.

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