Wednesday, September 14, 2016


A brief though hard rain blew through town late this afternoon. Winds tossed the trees back, and forth. Leaves filled the air. All that Wizard of OZ stuff on steroids.

Later that evening I went out for a walk on the Parkway. Eastern Parkway in fact. This street began as a deer trail. Then in colonial times a horse track for 200 years or so.

When they put in the subway lines in the late 19th early 20th centuries it became a four lane highway. With parkland on either side. Here is where I played as a child.

Time, and circumstance have brought me back to where I began.

So many changes. I recall all the Whites fleeing to their 'Burbs when Coloreds, and Hispanics started to come in. Now their grandchildren are here. Back from their strange exile in the land of Bar-B-Q pits, and segregated pools.

They're welcome as all are here.

Walking tonight along the Parkway I heard the symphony of languages that so marks this Emerald City. Haitian creole French Russian varieties of Spanish Romanian Mandarin various sorts of English,...I think I even heard a few bars of Standard English in the Symphony's  adagio.

I couldn't live anywhere else.

I sensed autumn. Just a very slight aroma. The fall scent was in the air after the storm. It was warm, and humid yes, but the breeze had an edge of coolness about. In the same way you sense spring in very late winter...a cold breeze yet with a faint warm edge.

The Sun, and Moon have chased each other through the seasons. We have lived another summer, and now prepare for short days cold nights, and the turning of the leaves.

A Wonder.

Stay tuned.


  1. I hope Z is OK. That nightmare stuff is starting to occur all too frequently for all of us. Hang in there buddies!

  2. These are hard times for most. The media gives it a glancing note, but Zillions out here are in deep Bleep.

    We need each other.

    Bless you All!

  3. Things have stabilized somewhat. Thanks for the thought. But no guarantees that it will all turn out hunky dory.


  4. Glad to hear that. There are 'never' guarantees' especially for the important stuff. However there's Hope...the magic the world lives on.

    I profoundly "Hope" all will be well with you my dear, and good friend.

    Peace to you.