Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Was in Hospital again. This is getting to be a bad habit. I had myself this time. No big deal with the Meat Wagon, and worried family. Well they might as well have come what with the floor show I gave everybody.

I collapsed in the waiting area. I was reading "Time"(tm)  magazine about how the whole damned world is coming to an end...again. When I faded out. I heard a buzzing knew something was up, and came to that evening.

I missed all the fun.

As always it was my fault. I hadn't eaten any meals in three days...I thought it was two. See what with all the Meds I have no appetite none at all. As a dear friend said, "The tyranny of meals!"  Despite how you feel you must eat especially if you're sucking down a bleeping wad of Meds everyday.

Well I took the Meds, but didn't really eat.

Not good. Especially not good as I had a tummy full of battling chemicals ie them Meds, and nothing else. I guess you can imagine the rest. In some cases I was told by a very upset..actually pissed off Nurse this could have been fatal.

Wow, and after all they'd done to keep me breathing.

Yeah I'd be pissed too.


So they filled me full of all sorts of I.V. goodies. Some of it looked like grape soda, and ginger ale..or cat piss which as we know is more or less the same thing. They inflicted a dietician on me let me sleep, and in the morning booted me out.

They called a cab.

Damned sweet of them that. Right now I feel like fried Shit with a side of cotton soaked in piss. Hey nobody's forcing you to read this. I'm just being truthful for the historical record. 

Aw yuck.

I have a headache...I'm told from not eating, and a touch of nausea. You know that's something I've discovered in this era of my on going yuckiness. You can want to heave ya guts out though there's not a thing in it.


Anyway my classes at the "Y" are out for tonight. Just as well it'll give me more time to finish my assignments. Odd I just remembered I had this serious, and actually lovely Spiritual dream while I was bloto on the floor. All beauty flying, and the other usual endorphin ignited scenes you get to ease your way to the next level or whatever.

Good grief...was I dying on the floor of the Hospital yesterday? My heavens how fragile all living things are.

Fragile indeed.  

'Be back in a while.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. This is worrying. I wish Medicare would cover treatment at that Taoist healthcare place I told you about. Do you think your sister would spring for a visit there? Whatever they treat you with, it won't be toxic like those meds, nor will it make you so nauseous you can't eat.