Monday, October 27, 2014


The Ebola hysteria that the media is enthralled with is not only shameful, but comically annoying as well. Mind you the Ebola plague in Africa is a human disaster, and the world particularly the United States is making an effort to contain the spread.

Indeed we've sent more soldiers aka "Boot's on the Ground" to Africa than we have to Iraq to stop the Isis genocide.

American media news cycles feed on fear, and gross stupidity. Both of these things are very evident in the manner of coverage of the cases reported locally. It's 'So Bad' that even Fox has shown some sanity in it's recent critical remarks regards the various Network reactions.

When "Fox" is the only Adult in the room you know it's bad. 

Here's my take:

"Man who might have EBOLA!!! or his distant cousin six times removed who could possibly have shaken hands with someone who might know somebody who lived in the same country when a case of EBOLA!!!! might at sometime in the perhaps distant past may have had a possible case of EBOLA!!!!!",

"Right the first guy that might have shaken the EBOLA!!!!!! exposed or possibly exposed person's hand...well' that' person...I mean the first person might have sat on a park bench somewhere in the lower 48 States where innocent children eating ice cream cones may have walked past at some point during the current school year!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The Governor is holding an Emergency Press Conference at the CDC New York Office today.  

Will will of course interrupt normal programming for this dramatic event...please stay tuned to this "Stupid News Network" for constant updates on this phoney life, and death emergency."

Holy Fuck.

Get a Bleeping Grip.

Stay Tuned. 


  1. I think Ebola is very much to be feared. It clearly has the potential to become a global pandemic. But of course what you say about the press is absolutely true. They richly deserve our scorn. I expect the Feds will use this epidemic to impose travel restrictions & other assorted senseless restrictions on personal mobility, and of course generate even more stupid national security theatre.

    Meanwhile, who knows what will happen on the public health front? Easily eighty million Americans or thereabouts are so terrified of medical debt - and with good reason - that they won't show up in emergency rooms until they're at death's door. We have the finest health care system in the world - NOT.


  2. Yeah more'n scarier "National Security Theater" will be the only lasting effect of this latest cycle of manufactured terror. Sure I also see a Steven Kingesque nightmare of ravaged cities empty highways, and bunkers full of amoral scientists planning the planetary triage.

    All in all we're fuck.

    'But hey we knew that going in so bleep it. Me it's shotgun shells anti-bionics computer games, and beans. I mean to hold up in my digs, and watch it all go down.

    When the power goes I'll listen on my hand crank shortwave.

    Going out only at night to score toilet paper diet Cokes, and bootleg lotto tickets. Hey even in an Ebola Apocalypse they'll have lotto porn, and diet Coke.

  3. The newspaper of "record" said it best(The New York Times)..."Kim Kardashian has been married to more Americans, than American's who have died of Ebola"

    That's 21st century perspective reet thurr son!

    Idiocracy here we come!

  4. The comparison is apt: Kim Kardashian versus Ebola.

    Most Americans probably think her buttocks should be the next face on Mt. Rushmore.


  5. I'm sure Kim's ass would be about 75% less offensive to the Natives than what's up there now.