Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Greetings Comrades how ya doing today. Me I'm still a bit weak, and nuts from my ongoing medical show. Bleep it I'm much better than before. I hate all that yucky stuff.

Sorry I didn't get out much today. I was going to the Park to take some snaps of the fall colors. Just as well the colors haven't really set in as yet, and it was a depressing foggy day anyway.

The Meds make me seriously sleepy. This makes it hard to finish up the pages of that Art Book I'm doing for class...well the three pages I had planned to finish.

They're all planned out, and I have one totally done. I think I can bang out the other two before tomorrow evening. At least I'll try.

Other than the mass murder corruption, and crummy TV shows things as proceeding as normal around here. I'm bored...a little less with the classes..., and generally uncertain.

Just like everyone else I'm "waiting" for that rather gigantic other shoe to fall.

Well see.

Stay Tuned.  

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