Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"We Will Bury You"

"We Will Bury You!" ...said the Boss of all Soviet Russia Nikita Khrushchev.  Scary bleep that especially given the Cold War mayhem running around loose at the time.

Like 'all' great historical moments this was a simple mis-understanding. The translator getting the inflection wrong or something. 

What our pal Khrushchev meant was that the then CCCP/USSR would overcome the advances of the West in both science, and standard of living.

The old boy could be excused for maybe putting it a tad harshly. He was a soldier after all , and hero of the Great War with them Nazi maniacs. He also de-Stalinized Russia...or tried to.

So the commie wet dream up there really wasn't what our Hero was getting at. 'Though if all that 'did' kinda sorta happen this would be okay. I mean as seen above NATO kicked to the curb the good 'ol USA a puppet state of Russia like Poland or East Germany...yeah he'd probably like that fine.

However not 'fine' enough to blow the damned world up to get it as history showed.  He didn't "Blink" as western cold war propaganda sez.  He decided as did Kennedy that this shit was seriously bleeping nuts, and some controls needed to be applied ASAP!

This is why your esteemed editor is still alive, and gleeful.

More later I have to go to class.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Chances are, Russia will still be around after we've buried ourselves. We don't need any help from them to do it, we're managing that just fine on our own.


  2. As the last man standing the rest of the world watches perhaps amused certainly afraid as we tumble into the grave of all the other Empires. We may drag some onlookers down with us.

  3. On the other hand I may live past the fall. I think all things considered I may like being a citizen of the New England Confederation. That or the North Atlantic Republic.

    It would be worth it for the Maple Syrup alone. ...also I guess I could learn to fish.

  4. Folks in Vermont are already working on it.