Friday, October 10, 2014

"Most of all..."

Why? Because Nobody will bring us National Health. Nobody will rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Nobody will fix the fucked up Tax structure that lets the fucking Rich make out like the Bandits they are.

Also of course Nobody will improve the schools so that when the kids get out they can at least read, and be able to find their 'own' country on a map. Nobody for damned sure will bring economic Justice to this screwed fucked up country, and most certainly Nobody will defend what's left of our Rights as Citizens.

Most of all...

Nobody Loves You when you're Down, and OUT!

Stay Tuned. 


  1. Precisely right. The economy is smoke-and-mirrors, & the Fed operates on QE funny money. Costly-to-maintain capital assets like education, public health and infrastructure are being strip-mined to prop up the system for a little while longer. Nevermore will "Hope" descend from above in America. Either we save us, or Nobody.