Friday, October 31, 2014

"Halloween in the Age of Terror!"

'As if' there was anything else out there that could still scare us. We've been at War in the West with Terror for decades. In the U.S. since the sinking of the U.S.S. Cole in the 90's. We're used to severed heads held high by demented religious freaks, and assorted maniacs.

We expect everything from random slaughter to a mini-nuke to be set off on our corner at any time so...

What's there to be afraid of. Heck even Ebola has lost it's fright charm. The thing could actually give us a 'for real' Steven King end of the world landscape. Ravaged cities empty highways the End-Time works.

Our attitude, "...What else ya got?"

I think a sudden fevered out break of World Peace, and common understanding would freak us out more than anything else these days. 


You go online or if you're of an age turn on your television set. There before you are folks in the streets hugging each other in love, and forgiveness.

This as befuddled commentators try to make sense of it. There those painted shills would be trying to funnel what they're seeing through the usual corporate filter.

That alone would be worth watching for the comedy of it. Sort of like what Fox News went through the night Obama was re-elected. 

Remember that...viciously funny.

So that's it. I guess the only thing that could scare us now is Peace. The most unimaginable thing in the World.

I remember the last "Peace Scare". 

It happened when all the walls came down in those confused, but gleeful days at the end of the Cold War. It really looked like there would finally be "Peace in our Time".

Fortunately for the Beast it coincided with the rise of fundamental Islam, and Christianity. From there we were off to the races...again. We found ourselves in yet another "Hundred Year War".

...not six months after the last one ended. There 'is' a Gawd,...and he doesn't especially like us.

The First Hundred Years War: 1337~1453

The Second Hundred Years War: 1914~1989

The Third Hundred Years War: 1990~ 2080...or so.

The reasons for all these spectacular floor shows was pretty much the same. Land. Money. Religion. Tribal Vanity gross cruelty stupidity, and a profound blindness to the sanctity of life *the universe, and everything.

*(...that last bit is from "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Universe.")

So as I say what's there to be afraid of. Everything is right on schedule, and it's business as usual.

Pass the chips.

Stay Tuned. 

(Speaking of Halloween. We're up to I think the 70+ years anniversary of the famed Orson Wells CBS Radio broadcast play of H.G Wells "War of the Worlds". Below is a 1971 version...if you have 90 minutes to burn take a listen.)

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