Friday, October 31, 2014


All these huge jumbles up stones. Oh what a great mound of ruins this City will be one day!  Although many of the sidewalks will cave in. They're mostly built over tunnels. 

Subways storage steam pipes that sort of thing, and they will cave in over the centuries.

Our trash heaps that is landfills will be a treasure trove for future archeologists. Much as Native heaps are for us today. Tons of Coke bottles plastic junk of all varieties, and medical wastes enough to satisfy any future virologist.

The Emerald City Ruins in the 40th century...what a thrill!

'Can hardly wait!

Stay Tuned.


  1. There are those who say that in a hundred years New York will be underwater.


  2. Partly...maybe a third of it.

    However we're already planning for that. We're going Dutch. The most endangered parts of the City will have Dike Works built around them. An interlocking system of adjustable dams to keep the City viable.

    It seems someone was paying attention to what happened to New Orleans.

    It's only at the "blue sky", artist conceptions, level of planning so far, but it may become one of the most grand long term public works project since the Hoover Dam.

    It 'has' to be ready towards they end of this century. Any later, and it won't matter. Wish I could be here to see it when completed. My Lawd what a sight it will be!

    New York our Grand Emerald City will survive the Climates Changes one way or another. Same with D.C., and Boston. Other places...not so sure. Annapolis Portland New London Charleston Providence etc., who knows.

    It's a matter of money, and the 'will' to preserve our history of place.

    Time will tell what sort of people the Millennials will become when they reach the age of authority, and responsibility. Will they be the first American generation that plans by generations, and centuries or by the next quarter like ours?

    History will see.