Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Boy Toys"

Yeah these are my "Boy Toy" warrior fantasies. Mind you I wouldn't last one engagement in the sky in a real war. Like my brother told me after he came back from Veit-Nam.

 "...You don't have a soldiers temperament. You'd hesitate before shooting, and get yourself, and everyone around you wasted."

Seriously true.

I couldn't do it...despite my fantasies. I tried to make up for my absence in one war by doing my bit in another. I was here in town for 9/11. However there was nothing to do since there were almost 'no' survivors.

No one to dig out.

This became clear after the first few hours. No survivors. That still haunts me. Just smoke fire wreckage, but no one to save. That's my only War Story.  I remember the fighters, too late to help, flying so low you could see the serial numbers on their tails.

They buzzed the City for days.

That, and the 'smell' that lasted till the next spring. Like an evil mixture of burnt plastic, and rotten meat.

Near 14 years later we're still fighting.

Stay Tuned.

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