Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Z Z Z Z Z Z...."

I'm resting a lot now. I feel like my body just went through 20 rounds with a very young, and pissed off Sonny Liston. You younger folks Google him...wadda guy!

Nature is interesting, and efficient. 

It knows when to shut stuff down. "Alright pal I think you've had enough for this week." ...And then goes to your control room, and proceeds to shut down all your higher functions. Sort of like what they tried to do to "HAL".  

Again younger folks Google "2001 A Space Odyssey" ...loads of laffs.

So my plans to do my massively backed up laundry have pals over to help with this computer. Then pay my assorted bills. Go shopping, and basically have a routine life are on hold for just now.

As with the "Sonny Liston" reference I'm wrecked, and exhausted. Have a whole new bunch of meds too...not as many but just as scary.

Btw I'm still going to do my "Witness for Peace" one person demo at the Union Square Gandhi statue. Just a bit later this month. That, and continue the "92nd Street Y" art classes.

These are courtesy of my dear wonderful Sister Sylvia. She hopes these classes will get me back in the world, and make me less crazy. Well 'somewhat' less Crazy.

The first Class is all about making hand done art books. Naturally mine is about "Mystery Life, and Balance in Chaos". A real laff-a-minute project. Well it is for me since that's the sort of noise I do anyway.

Time for dinner. I'll be back later.

Btw I'm grateful to have a home dinner a life meds family zillions of friends all over the place that want me to stay alive, and the talent to do something with that life.

I'm a Zillionaire compared to the suffering Billions,...yeah Billions on this Beautiful, but Wounded Planet.

Mind you I'm still going to Whine, and Complain like Hell! Hey that's what I do. Still...

Stay Tuned.

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