Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Mall of Death!"

Um, maybe I don't need to shop today after all. Speaking of adventure, and probable death. I feel like doing what that kid did a few years ago. He stole a small  aircraft, and had a ball. He landed only to steal food, and socks then took off again. Okay I'd pay for the stuff, but ya gets the point.

I'm restless, and nuts. Odd for a bloke my age, but there it is. Maybe I should up my meds or just go to the movies. Speaking of my age. One of the things about being still around is that you see how pointless, and too expensive everything is. So yeah bleep it ya think, and go to some small airport get in a plane, and off ya go.

Least till they shoot you down as a crazed terrorist. Whereas you're just another law abiding prole that saw the real deal, and acted accordingly. What a shrinking, murderous, and lonely century this is.

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