Thursday, June 14, 2012

"30th Mermaids Parade"

It's the 30th annual Coney Island Mermaids Parade next weekend, and I'm gonna be there dammit! Last year I was busy dying of an intestinal infection so had a good excuse not coming. Well okay a lame cop-out, but I couldn't walk was full of tubes stuck all over me, and then there was that bed pan business.

This year all I have is a vague itchiness, headache, and a bad attitude so I'm going! If ya has any sense you'll be there too. Nurse Pickles tells me that there's been loads of renovations to the park, and Boardwalk. Not only that, but Nathans is Bigger! 

Well 'that's' enuff for me!!

Stay Tuned Comrades 

(...Mermaids from yesteryear below.)

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