Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Queen Marilyn"

I had this strange, but beautiful dream that Marilyn Monroe was the Queen of America. Our capital seemed to be Miami. At least that's what it looked like. A Miami with a Chrysler Building.

Queen Marilyn arrived in a giant seaplane. One of those beautiful "China Clipper's" from the late 1930's. There was a Royal Procession of knights in gold armor bearing Her to the palace. In the tropical dream sun the knights looked like a river of molten gold streaming down the wide avenue!

I was in a crowd of Her subjects who btw looked like extra's from a Carmen Miranda movie. I was in the adoring mass of Queen Marilyn's good, and loyal subjects. It was like a Mardi Gras. A happy dream. I woke up with a smile.

*Also from the "Royal Republic", see below. Maybe I should collect all the crap I've posted over the last century, and put it into a book or maybe write it in chalk on the sidewalk when it's raining. Either way all my fans could see it. Lets see are we up to 4 or five yet?

Stay Tuned.

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