Monday, February 6, 2017

"That Plastic Bag Issue"

...Or my opportunity to be Grumpy.

There's been noise around the country, and some western nations about the evils of Plastic Bags.
I use plastic bags I love plastic bags we have plastic bags here we all use, and love or at least put up with.

Though they comprise 1.7% of the waste here they tried to take them away, and we in our Multi-Millions all went nuts, except for the health fanatics, and threaten to burn down city hall...they backed off on an outright ban.

'This' is New York not America or any other bleeping piece of the world.

"New Fucking York" get it?

Our Tri-State Metro Region has the population nearly larger than Canada, and Australia combined. Or of several European nations, and 12 U.S. useless fly-over states,...right. We got bigger life, and death immediate problems...than bags. Btw I think they're trying to outlaw chewing gum now.

...good luck.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Plastic bags are from Satan! They're the brain-spew of Beelzebub himself!

    Yeah, they banned them here, and now you gotta pay at the grocery store for your bags. Another-butt pain added to modern life.

    It's this yuppie fake green mentality, by (mostly) rich people who think they're Saving The Planet by keeping a reusable mug in the cup-holder of their Nissan Leaf or SUV, as if their entire way of life weren't a war upon the rest of the world. It'a symbolic sop to guilty conscience, nothing more - but of course at everyone's expense, not just their own.


  2. Fuck 'em.

    Anyway it's too late to save the world so eat all the ice cream ya want. Shoot up, and drive backwards on the sidewalk 120mph. that, and use all the plastic bag ya wants.