Friday, February 3, 2017

"Rex sum Victor"

"Rex sum Victor",...."I am a King Victorious"

In thinking about the rise of the "Resident Elect". I wonder if this has happened before. Putting aside all of the fearful ideological, and world political concerns.

Has there even been an obviously disturbed President.

Yes I know a few had depression or were alcoholics. I mean have we 'ever' had a for real emotionally "Disturbed" Commander n Chief?

I must say I don't hate the guy. I'm not even angry with him as a person. "He's not responsible." He is ill, and should be in a wellness community. In pondering this unique situation I was reminded of when I was Caregiver for my Aunt. A stroke had damaged her brain. She recovered from the outward effects of the stroke, but the brain damage sent her into a spiral of dementia.

As I cared for her I had to always remember that she was not responsible for her deteriorating mental condition. I now feel the same about Mr. Trump.

He is not actually our President for medical reasons. The position he now holds is part of his delusion of greatness, and glory. He in his life was just too rich for anyone to either tell him no or have him treated for his condition.

Our problem is with his handlers, and exploiters. These are the real villains of the story. They are the ones making plans who put things in front of this sick man for him to sign. He thinking it will add to his delusional glory.

These next four years,...if it actually lasts that long. Are going to be more that interesting.  Also I fear citizen in the Millions opposing his edicts will not be enough. Because of his condition he dismisses events even that historically dramatic as having not happened.

Will the checks, and balances that are supposed to deal with this sort of accident going to finally activate. That or will something more dramatic be necessary to stop the hemorrhaging of what is good about this Republic.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Nah, Trump is responsible; he's not mentally incompetent; in fact he's quite clever, though not in a nice way. I guess there probably *is* a bunch of power-hungry backers behind him who want to ride in on his demagogic coat tails.

    If we want liberalism to win, we've got to stop focusing so manically on the personality of the despot, and start focusing on our own objectives and strategies. All I see so far are progressives reacting in horror to the spectacle of the victory of the man they feel embodies everything they abhor. This is no kind of strategy, unless the objective is failure.

    They should be asking themselves, "Why did we lose? How can we reach out to those of our countrymen who rejected the candidate we preferred? What were our strategic and tactical mistakes - perhaps even philosophical ones - and how can we redress them?" But this would require introspection. Instead, progressives prefer to demonize their opponents, engaging in ridiculous and unproductive "resistance" histrionics. This is classic American manicheanism, little more than shadow-projection really, and shows they are hardly better than their opponents. Since they're so dumb, they'll continue to lose, and deservedly so.

    Personally, I've given up on the American left; which is as much as to say, I've given up on the country. Its future is that of an exceptionally degraded banana republic.


  2. Slowly very slowly the horror, and shock are subsiding. People are starting to look at this with rational, and planning eyes.

    Not many yet, but it's starting.

    The 3 million person Women's March was a big pat of shaking off the traumatic shock.

    Though yes the Democratic leadership is busy securing their position in the permanent government. Never the less elements within that party know what time it is, and is finally trying to make some moves.

    The people the folks us slobs just stumbling around are ahead of them as usual in knowing what to do.

    Challenge them on everything bleeping evil thing they do. Every demented edit gets a million folks on their doorsteps. Those numbers translate into votes in the Mid-Terms,...IF...if we're smart, and organized.

    I just read that this embryonic movement is already ahead of where our opposite numbers were when they started the Tea party.

    At their peak they had at least the sympathy of 39% of registered voters. Our new movement has 60%, and in only two weeks since that man's election. The tea party took nearly two years for their peak numbers.

    This thing is ours to lose since we clearly have the numbers...mind you we could still be stupid enough to blow this. I just hope not this time.