Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Blizzard II"

Well we finally had a for real Blizzard here in the Emerald City. Yep the real deal. High scary winds blowing razor sharp ice, and snow,...just the way I likes it! I was out there for hours!

Like I told my dear sister, "...This might be my last one given my fucked up health, and how seldom these things happen. So yeah I wandered the snowy wastes with joy in my Heart, and mild frostbite in the fingers. Bleep it I was having a 'Good Fucking Time!

Btw the blue truck buried in the snow is the "NYC Dept. of Tiny Trucks". They sent one to clear snow off of the top of my air conditioner. The crew of civil service hamsters abandoned it as the storm went nuts.

They sent another to pick them little guys up. that, and another vain attempt tp clear out the snow. Well ya see what happened. It had snowed in too. Anyway I took the little guys in. They're swell folks.

                                                Stay Tuned.