Monday, May 6, 2013

"Dark Knight"

Okay if anybody is thinking about getting me a swell birthday present this is what I wants. Alot! My very own 1/16th scale Obama action figure. No middle aged colored guy should be without one. My bleeping hero, a way.

Yeah we thought he was going to be the "Dark Knight", but he turned out be be our Algebra teacher instead. Your uncle that makes you eat ya greens, and clean the yard. Swell but still we can dream.

I want to make little videos of our Heroic Prez defeating evil where ever it rises, and  bleep like that. I have visions of the Obama action figure, (tm), beating the living crap out of that Putin doll yeah! 


Sorry I get over excited at possibilities. He apparently comes with different heads just like a real President. He also comes with a Samurai sword so he can stab guys in the back or front depending on current policy. Yep a toy for today!

Stay tuned.

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