Friday, May 10, 2013

"You Can't get there from Here"

Well we're on the verge of missing two payrolls here at the radio ranch. Management is hiding from the staff, they haven't said anything to us since that email on the 30th of last month. That,and the National office seems to be chasing it's tail. Btw I tried for two days..well three if you count my trying to call the boss direct. Anyway I tried to contact our financial office downtown. 

They don't answer the phone.

All the workers have are assorted rumors.  No way to run a business. Anyway our dear union Aftra-Sag. That's the Radio/TV workers, and the Screen Actors Guild are about to  jump in with both feet on our behalf.

Our rep tells us that  name union members are outraged at what going on here, and are willing to lend their names, and prestige to help us. Tom Hanks director Ron Howard are I'm told among the union members concerned.

Good grief I had no idea we had these sort of friends. Cool with me bring on the big guns. Btw there's indirect information,..not from local management , but from National that we'll be paid in full before the end of the month,..maybe.

 It turns out it's not the whole network that's being screwed just us at This among other awful stuff is what's making the union, and it's "name" members so steamed. I'm a tad hot under the collar myself behind this noise.

Anyway the staff is pulling together helping each other out through this disaster. Yeah some are oblivious assholes, but most are on board for each other. I'm proud of how we're acting under all this. Aw gee if only Obama had been elected back in '08.

More later.


  1. *Pacifica* is stiffing its unionized labor? Next thing you'll be telling us Fort Knox has quietly sold off all its gold. These are glum times indeed. I hope you all get a big fat pay check, with back pay, before the rent on yours and Tink's place comes due. In fact I think you should get compensated for the delay by receiving 147 percent interest on the balance, compounded hourly.


  2. Make that 347 percent interest, compounded thrice hourly.


  3. ...and extra fairy dust for Tink!