Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Normal weather is now abnormal. After so many years of warm winters, and actually 'hot' springs to have normal temps is odd. This winter saw us going down to near zero, and the spring had frost.

Frost up to yesterday.

Mind you I'm fine with it It's just weird when things cycle as they should. I hope all this also means a reasonable as in undeadly summer, and a normal hurricane season. We couldn't take another Sandy. We're in some parts still wrecked from the last time. Thousands still don't have power , and there's wreckage all over the place.

Sort of like New Orleans.

Their infrastructure is still fucked up. Albeit along racial/political lines. Guess which neighborhoods got rebuilt first, and who's still living in ruins. That or expelled from the city. Actually that had unforeseen positive results.

All the poor folks black working class, and such that were kicked out of New Orleans. All the populations whose areas were 'deliberately' not rebuilt have moved to Texas, and other Red States, and are turning them Blue!

Houston went for Obama, Austin, Flagstaff,..etc.

Between the Mexican immigration legal or otherwise, and all the folks kicked out of New Orleans the whole Southwest will be Blue in just a few more cycles. 

I think the Good 'ol Boys just when'n shot themselves in the foot!

Heh heh heh...yuk yuk.

Take that you Nazi tea-party Republican knuckle heads! 

Stay tuned.


  1. Thousands *still* don't have power since Sandy? Failure to restore damaged infrastructure is a sign of civilizational decay. It starts with poor neighborhoods, unsurprisingly, but have no fear - sooner or later, it'll spread beyond there.


  2. Our "American Century" is very much over. Now we're just another face in the crowd.