Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Night, & Dawn over Manhattan"


  1. The moon is waxing now, which is good for initiating new projects and for planting plants which bear fruit that grows above the ground, according to wizards of my acquaintance.

    Attended another oceanside ritual today. Much less wind than last time, though it was still freezing. The crescent moon was beautifully visible toward twilight. I took some pictures of a lovely lad, whom I hope to model for heathen idols that I mean to create.


  2. Yeah I'm thinking again of planting on my fire-escape. Peppers, corn, and tomatoes do well in the city.

    "The crescent moon was beautifully visible toward twilight."

    Perhaps the same moon I snapped, and posted here. I'm glad to hear you're still about your clerical duties. ...and I look forward to your lovely idols!