Saturday, May 11, 2013

"That Sea of Flames Thing"

Say wasn't Washington, and the rest of the country supposed to be destroyed in a "Sea of Flames" a few weeks ago. Funny how the scariest crap can get lost in the news cycles.

I mean we had the republicans tell 90% of the electorate to go bleeping bleep themselves behind that gun control measure. There was that two headed cat born in Belize, and them girls kidnapped sex torture ten years in captivity thing.

Oh yeah then that air force officer guy in charge of stopping sex assaults that was busted for sex assaults,..creepy mug shot too. Okay it was a weird  bunch of news cycles, and the end of the world got crowded out.

Still I got curious. Was that North Korean nutter still at it?

Well not only still at it, but upped the anti all over the place. Working hard to set off nukes, launching IRBM' for those that came up after the cold war that means intermediate range ballistic missiles. Mobilizing a million armed to the spiked teeth zombies to invade the South.  

Meanwhile we just going about our business.

Ya know what's gonna happen we're gonna be just be sit'n around drinking  orange Slurpee's when some chuckle head comes on the screen all sweaty eyes bulging sputtering at us...

"...That Crazy bastard went, and did it!"

"Seoul is a radioactive crater a zillion deranged North Korean maniacs have crossed the border, and are devouring everything in sight cats dogs everybody...more after this word from Bechtel."   

Me I'll just put on headphones, and listen to the Doors.

Stay tuned.


  1. It would appear Kim Jong Oops is a little short on follow-through, fortunately. Musta shot another dud. Absolutely no aspersions against diminutive albeit rotund little weasels who can't get off are to be inferred, O No my dear not-at-all.

  2. Of course not them little weasels is swell folks. OTOH all of North Korea is like all high strung'n ready to do the deed!

    I imagine they're now in their millions experiencing mass ejaculation failure. Oh I hate it when that happens.

    ...well next time.

  3. My aspersions were against Babydoc the Mini-Me dictator personally, not against Koreans generally, not even North Koreans. It is the misfortune of the latter to be collectively effectively the personal property of Mini-Me, his bonded servants and chattel. Though I am quite glad the rockets they've built at his behest apparently all suffered a terminal case of ballistic detumescence, to the relief of all, with the possible exception of Mrs. Min-Me.