Monday, August 17, 2015

"Emperor Bernie"

In response it some nutters on "Facebook" calling Bernie Sanders"Hitler" for not bowing to the demands of certain Black bigots, and other far left charlatans. Myself, and others have responded.

One said he "didn't know that Bernie had a mustash." 

Another that as far as he knew. Bernie "only drank Vermont brewed beer, and none of that German horse piss." 

I said that "I didn't know that Vermont had invaded Poland."

I then went on to say...

"Well first ya have to sneak the Vermont National Guard, and State maybe the Scouts too...hey this is an invasion right. Anyway sneak these guys on an Icelandic flight to Warsaw.

Okay so far so good. 

While in mid-flight the State department gets wind of this...I mean Poland is in NATO, and all. Anyway they tell Bernie to call off his dogs for Christ's sake. 

Well ol' Bernie drunk with blood lust tell's Obama to shove it, and he, and the Vermont boy Scouts is on their merry way to make Poland bow low to the Maple Syrup State. 

Except fate steps in as she so often does, and our hero, and his jolly band are forced to do a lay-over in Rabat Morocco. The locals takes one look at the mighty Armed Forces of Vermont,...and the Scouts, and thinks it's the Revolution! 

 Before he knows it Bernie is "Emperor Omar Genghis Maple Leaf Sanders the First". ...and still 1200 miles from Poland. 

The lesson here is don't bite off more that you can chow down,...or Staying Home is always better."

The End.


  1. Bernie's got that Hitler charisma thing down so good, just listening to his hypnotically stirring Svengali voice makes me wanna goose step around the room, popping stiff-arm salutes. He's a menace to humanity I'm tellin ya!


  2. Yep I've warned folks for years about the "Madman of Vermont!" They didn't listen, and now there's Hell to Pay!!