Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Well that was Quick"

It was July 4th two hours ago, and now September is in our faces. With it comes "Labor Day" the "official" end of Summer. Granted summer doesn't really end till September 21st, but ya see what I'm saying.

When you're young a year seems like ten years now it's about a half hour. You watch it'll be Christmas in two weeks.

Don't know how many more of the above I'll be seeing. Yeah it's getting on that time. Another old pal is critical, and one was lost in June. 

Aw well. 

Been a hell of a ride. 'Been looking at that "Bucket List". Well I was in a police raid of a Gay Bar as a kid. I had lunch a number of times on the ledge of the 86th floor of the Empire State Building back when I was a transmitter engineer.

I dangled my feet over the edge while eating "Arbie's" pastrami.

Went to a Nude beach with pals for a few summers. Was in a riot, and had a car explode in near me.  The fire ball went on forever! Been to any number of "Be-In" events. Ask ya hippy grandma what that is.

Had a bullet just miss my head on Albany Avenue in Brooklyn during the 1990's Crack Wars. It's true what George Washington said about that. Not the Crack wars...bullets.

"Fired musket rounds have the Deep Hum of Angry Wasps."

It did.

I had amazing sex on the outside balcony of a skyscraper in mid-town as a youth. This while a full summer moon rose over the Chrysler Building behind us.  There were the green streaks of meteors as well. A night to remember indeed.

I nearly drowned as a lad.

I remember being knocked down by a Huge Wave, and being dragged out to sea. I saw bubbles grains of sand seaweed, and that would have been the last thing I saw.

However I wasn't getting out of this "veil of tears" that easy. "Cause after the sand, and sea weed came this bleeping big hairy arm with an equally big hand attached to it.

There was one of them Army wrist watches on that arm which grabbed me, and hauled my little butt back to the beach. I think I was too freaked out to cry.

All I remember is being picked up hauled back up, and I think passed on to my Mom. There was all this noise yelling I think Mom I guess. I don't remember anything about the man that saved me.

Other than his big hairy arm, and his watch.

Mind you I've nearly bought it any number of times since. However that one stays with me. I'm here today to whine, and complain because of some neat guy with big hairy arms.

Ain't life something.

As for that "Bucket List"...the British Museum Paris Disney World, and Santa's Work Shop are on it for sure. Other stuff too, but ya know.

Stay Tuned.

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