Saturday, August 29, 2015


Ya know I always liked Ensign Roe from the "S.T.N.G." series. Aw gee, what a gal she was. Ensign Roe was Captains Picard's "...thorn in the side" in that she didn't take shit, and she sure didn't believe in all the Federation "Space the White Mans Burden" crap! She grew up in a "Palestinian" style refugee colony world in the butt-end of nowhere. So she definitely 'knew' what time it was.

Apparently her home world was over-run, and her people enslaved by some evil bastards from a bad part of the galactic arm. The Feds won't do shit to help them other than a bit of food, and a few blankets. The Federation, and these Galactic Bastards do business so,..tuff shit for Roe's people.

Sound  familiar?

Anyhow I wish I knew ol' Ensign Roe, we'd have seen eye to eye. She knew the galaxy was a tuff 'hood, and the Feds were just as full of shit as the rest of 'em. No wonder they got rid of her character. Ensign Roe kept pointing out how full'a crap the so-called "good" guys were.

Her very existence in the series called into question the then 30+ years of pro-Federation propaganda in science fiction fandom.

Same with Worf's wife,..what's her name. You remember her,..Worf's son's Mother. "K'Ehleyr" that's her name! She was another real smart lady. She had no patients whatsoever for all that bloody murderous, and frankly stupid Klingon "Honor" bullshit.

Drove Worf crazy!

She also gave the finger to that high, and mighty Federation static. No wonder they killed her off too!

I'd love to see a series with "Roe" as Captain of the "U.S.S. Malcolm X" with "K'Ehleyr" as Number One. Also those seriously deranged, and fun Klingon Durazz sister's. They could be their ongoing "enemies/allies."

 Now this I would sit down to watch!

This could be the "new" series set in a "Post-Collapse" Post-Federation Dark Age Universe. All that Earth/Vulcan, "Prime Directive"'s wrong to take out Nazi worlds bullshit finally comes apart like the old Soviet Empire.

It's replaced by something more interesting. A more intervention oriented "Anarchist Free Association of Worlds".

Sure they'll leave most folks alone, but on the other hand if they come across some "Slaver" world they'd just take'em them Down!


"Peoples Captain Roe" in the 'center seat' of the "U.S.S. Malcolm X" leading a  seriously armed, and gleeful fleet of "Nebula" class dreadnoughts from the Free Independent Frontier Systems. Closes on the Home World of some bunch'a Space Nazi Bleeps that thinks it "okay" to exterminate, and or enslave any species in their path.

Captain Roe contacts, and address's this dump's "High Council", and sez,  "...Surrender or Die."

Whadda gal!

Well the Space Nazis decides to take on the U.S.S. Malcolm X, and the Anarchist Fleet,...big mistake. I leaves the rest to your imaginations. Hint,..think "Wolf 359" in reverse. Pure anti-fascist Space Opera fun!

Stay Tuned.

( I wrote this 10 years ago so it's a bit faded, but still fun.)

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