Monday, August 24, 2015

"Broadcasting from Home"

I just loves that old "Clash" hit. "Hitsville UK". "Mic, and Boom in Your Living Room" in deed. My dear old pal from my radio daze Simon Loekle has set up a studio in his study.

Looks swell!

With the new low cost tech most "on air" folks are working from home. You can edit, and produce anything that once needed a serious recording or radio studio at home now.

I noticed this a few years back when as a radio engineer fewer, and fewer on my shift actually came all the way to the radio studio. They recorded at home, and emailed it in.

It was an end of a B'cast era on the one hand, but easier for us behind the board. We didn't have to deal with those incompetent self centered jerks in person anymore.

Of course I mean that in a nice way. 

Yes comrades my Pod-casting daze are sort of at hand. Yeah yeah I've put it off all summer...sue me. It was too damned hot, and this jazz takes time. First I had to decide I really wanted to do it. Then buy a site, and domain name.

*Which I did...

Also as you can see I finally got off my tired aged butt, and went downtown, and got a nice little Pod-casting rig. It was both cheap, and cute. "Cheap" being the more serious consideration.

I think I said we go on Septemberish. 

Being officially an "Old Guy" now I have stuff to do in that month. Like getting my Social Security pittance, and half fare transit card, and Senior theater, and movie card.

In the middle of all that I'll be going online to Pod-cast about all the crap they make you go through to get the stuff you already paid for by working ya ass off for 40 years!

Aw gee ain't she a beauty?!  I can't wait to go on, and play the "Fuck You" song by an obscure 1970's punk group who are all 50 year old insurance salesmen now.

Anyway I was just tickled by Simon's performing at home live!

You can hear him at 6/9:am NYC time at

That or go to what's left of that, and look up Simon's show in the archives "As I Please". It's neat if dig English Lit, and Jazz!

*(...after seeing how simple it was to get a domain, and site page. All it takes is money. I intend likely towards winter to set up another Queer page.)

(This after my last one was nuked by them bleep-holes at Tumblr. Maybe I'll hold a contest among the five folks that read this blog for the new title.)

Stay tuned.


  1. Can't wait!

    That's a serious-looking mike. It reminds me of the robot from Lost In Space.


  2. That or a perforated salami.

    Mics looked like "salamies" back in the late 1940's thru early 60's. They were called "Ribbon Mics". Why I have no idea since they looked like lunch.