Friday, August 28, 2015

"Smokless Cordite"

 (The Spring Field 1851 type Musket as used before, and during the American Civil War. This before repeaters became common.)

(As it happens this is your Dear Comrade Uncle's fav Shooting Iron.)


One of the down sides of being a shut in that sleeps all the time is that you mind miss stuff. A UFO landing on the White House lawn World Peace being declared or horrors like what happened at WBDJ-TV this afternoon.

Truly we live in an Age of Terror.

I actually am hesitant to leave my home for fear I'll be shot dead by a policeman for no reason. Well there's other stuff too like snakes gang banger maniacs reptilians disguised as hot dog vendors, and of course direct hits by kitchen sinks or grand pianos falling out of the apparent blue, and innocent sky.

Death behind the microphone. 

Having spent more than half my life in that Biz I've seen my share of violent events in, and around the studios. Violent assaults sexual harassment suicide attempts. I'll draw a curtain over the specifics for the sake of the privacy of the persons involved.

Like at the ill-fated TV station acts of violence intimidation, and a general toxic atmosphere are not unusual in the work places of today. Mercifully they don't always erupt into murder. 

However,...yeah here it comes, with all the guns out there from school yards to board rooms it's no surprise that when the shit truly hits the fan some one or ones get shot dead.

Gun Control?

Nice idea, but no, the "Free Lunch",...Never gonna happen. 

Not in this country with the history, and traditions we have around various fire arms. Heck I'm a fan of "Black powder, and ball" muskets. Fascinated by them. I could engage in a detailed, and jolly conversation with any Tea Party gun nut you choose. 

That being what it is. 

That 'even' a mild-mannered Queer pacifist repressed cross-dresser Angel comic book artist doll collector would well enjoy romping through the north woods musket in hand. Given 'that'. I fear that we are just stuck with this thing.

Rational 'Regulation' is the only way out of this. Fortunately the majority of gun owners agree. Sadly the NRA, and the assorted Nazi survivalist, and the Tea Party don't.

These guys are the "Rat that Roared"

They have power far beyond their numbers. This partly because of the money that supports them in their holy work. that, and the religious fervor these folks feel about "Guns'n Jesus".

It's a long story.

That's where we are, and have been for decades politically, and centuries culturally.

If anybody has any ideas about this I'm listening.

Stay Tuned.

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