Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Rome Victorious!"

 "Comrade "Z" takes uncle to task!"

"The Romans were NOT on the same page as the IS asswipes.

Yes, they could be brutal, but they would not have tortured an elderly scholar for a month and then viciously cut his head off for *religious* reasons. That sort of thing is a specialty of the Abrahamic faiths at their worst.

There's a level of totalitarianism here that's far beyond that of the Romans, not in the same league at all. For example, the Romans valued *art,* and even commissioned a good deal of it; the ISwipes systematically destroy it as a matter of course."


"Uncle humiliated points fresh celery to head thinking it's his trusty 7.65mm Parabellum." Luger.

( wasn't so Uncle replies thus.)

Okay I stand corrected about our political ancestors the Romans. Btw the Turks are being strong-armed into joining the Coalition Air Campaign against Isis.

Their problem is they want to see the Kurds wiped out which Isis is gleefully doing for them. This is what happens when you have a 16 sided war in progress. Also 'yes' there's no real interest by our owners to do anything about this nightmare or any of the others currently in progress.

Genocide is good for business.

Look at history it always has been. The Western Europeans sat on their hands for near a 'Decade' during the Balkan Genocide. Nobody gave a fuck about Rwanda the Sudan northern Nigeria or Tibet.

Business is business.

Nobody cares about the Mass Migration of Peoples caused by the World Economic System slowly collapsing around us. The U.S. build walls that would have put the one that used to be in Berlin to shame.

Australia either turns refugee boats back to sea...some of these sank. 'Bodies washed up on Australian beaches, a few finally made it.

Either that or dumps folks on off-shore islands till they agree to be deported. Britain, and France are militarizing the "Chunnel" to stop the flow of suffering humanity. Right-wing Brit terrorists tried to drive in a van full of explosives to disable the damned Chunnel.

So big is the heart of the Sceptred Isle.

So yeah it's the opening act of that 500+ year long Dark Age Event. Some failed States are already up to Chapter Three of the production. Others as in the West are still in the prologue.

Eh, that means we have TV high speed connection, and they still deliver the pizza. I think we will have this for about another 15/20 years. Then the middle class vanishes, and only the protected wealthy will have these.

Another 50/100 years later they gradually loose it too, Then only the surviving Wealthiest Corporations, and their Vassal Communities will have internet porn.

Outside of this it will be Mad-Max-Solylent Green time...for a 'Long Time'.

Sure a few outposts of sanity will be guarding literacy arts, and trigonometry. However we'll be Very remote, and Very quiet. We'll be in it for the Long Haul, and will re-appear when the times becomes right for laffs again.

Of course I mean all this in a nice way.


Comrade "Z" Replies.

I think you've got the general picture for the next few centuries basically right, Sid. Usta be I wanted to move to Europe, & maybe I woulda been happier there for the past 20+ years if I'd stayed in Italy in '92 (studied there for a while).

But at this point... I think those countries are fixing to be swept under by some of 'the most colossal population movements in history', mostly from the ME and North Africa. What is now a trickle will become a flood. The historian Oswald Spengler predicted decades ago that Russia would be the next great empire, & that picture seems to be shaping up right on schedule.

But I don't want to get us all into a funk.

So lemme point you to some idealism and beauty. Check out something called the Nautilus House, by a Mexican architect named Senosiain.

It's the sort of thing we need to be building for ourselves while we copy out our texts on trig and nav. astronomy - ideal ( job ) for queer Faeries. And you don't need to be no millionaire to live in it - it's quite small & comfy.

I want one just like it!



"Uncle replies."

I'm with you comrade!

Btw see some illustrations of said "Nautilus House" where some will ride the tides of that Dark Age we're were being enveloped in. . It looks a combination of Watts Towers Barcelona Cathedral, and a hobbit house.

No bad...nor bad at all.

Stay tuned.


Nautilus House

Hobbit House   

                                         Barcelona Cathedral

                                               Watts Tower


  1. No no no! Don't shoot yourself with the celery! I'm sorry if I made you feel that way, & I humbly apologize! & after all those Romans *did* crucify 50,000 slaves after they put down the Spartacus rebellion - lined up all the way from Brindisi to Rome, just like in the movie.

    So glad you posted about the house. Hobbit houses are nice too, but if you're a wizard you're liable to bump your head on the ceiling.

    I wanna build like Gaudi or Senosiain - gracious curvaceous little gems of homes that lotsa people can afford, even in a depression. I also want a triumphal Chariot of Antimony, but that's getting ahead of myself.


  2. Yeah imagine my surprise when expecting the bright tunnel I had in fact stuck a celery stick in my ear.

    This is why I really need a Mrs. Hudson type to see to my care, and feeding.

    "...And what my dear Uncle do you mean by interposing that celery into your ear while I find bullets in the salad."

    Now ya see that would have been a big help.

    Anyway based on the 1950's Steve Reeves Big Chest, and Roman atrocities against slaves, and Christian flicks we all watched as kiddies...yeah I watched them in their first run in Saturday matinees with cartoons, and the last of the news-reels.

    ...yeah I said 'news reels'.

    All that for .15cents. Hot Dawgs 'with'...did ya hear that "WITH" a coke .10cents!!

    In those day they even had matrons on staff to watch the kids. To make sure we didn't faint or throw up too much during the horror films of the era. I remember one Mrs. Wilson. A swell old dame.

    '...But I digress.

    It was an age of Miracles, and that's that!

    Yep one of the Nautilus pads seems the ticket. However the only deal breaker might be bugs. I see that the plans call for an indoor set of saplings grass, and assorted flora.

    Bug motels if ya asks me.

    No think I'll have mine 'without'. Nature can stay outside where it belongs. I don't fancy finding bugs snakes or anything furry in my bed.

    Otherwise neat idea!