Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Portable Winter"

You should mostly be used to the somewhat nutty things I get up to by now. As ya knows I save snow. I have a modest collection from the last fours years or so.I put them in Tupperware containers for the fun of it.

In the middle of heatwaves I take them out to breath in the winter/snowy aroma.
Also it's fun to touch, and play with when it's 89f, and humid outside.

Anyway when it snowed a few inches the other morning I scooped some up for the "Vault of Snow". Gee I had to this lot was just so fluffy, and crystalline.

I also took snaps of a Lapland figure standing in this tiny piece of Winter 2015. Well one of my little G.I. Joe figures too.

Stay Tuned.

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