Tuesday, February 10, 2015


My years of investigation is at last validated. Proof! Yes Proof that Cows, and Dinosaurs roamed our Earth at the same time many hundreds of Millions of years ago!

Eh...I'm forced to illustrate my great discovery on a bedspread with toys at my lawyers house because....

The fossil record which I have discovered has been suppressed by the Corporate Archeology Establishment. That along with my evidence that the Space Aliens have their east coast Headquarters under second base at Yankee Stadium....yes why else did the build a new one when the old stadium was just fine!

(...okay the toilets didn't work, and it leaked, but still...)

Read the TRUTH! about "Cows Dinos, and Aliens" in my new Book, and direct to DVD documentary... "They Stole My Stuff!"

Where I show how all my evidence was stolen by the NSA the Phone Company, and Netflix!

Stay Tuned.


  1. Far be it from us to suggest that maybe Barbie was around then too. That would be ungentlemanly.