Friday, February 27, 2015


When I'm out in the world everybody seems to be shoving their face into some sort of device. Often I'm the only one in sight not addicted. People would be giving me funny looks...if they weren't face down in one of them 'things'.

 It was a slow gradual seduction, but it's iron clad now. I don't know if it was Satan or the Space Aliens, but it's a job well done. No addiction since "China White" hit the streets in the 80's seems as set in stone as this.

Being mostly broke in my old age I though myself safe..immune if you will from this plague. Ah, but the Space Alien Satanists have thought of everything. Low cost "Budget" devices have hit the shops. Now the oppress'n the underclass have joined the hordes of techno slaves.

There are only a few of us still free...

Beware the day the Master Button is pushed, and all will follow the will of the Masters of Hades...or the Phone Company or whoever is behind this fiendish plot!

Deprogram yourselves while there's still time!

Never Ever Never!

Read from anything that needs batteries or needs to be plugged in.

Beware! Beware!

Watch the the skies before it's too late!!! the Nick Bantock series of books. ...see above & top of this post. Eh..the non-electric versions of course.

Swell stuff that!

Stay Tuned.


  1. The plague is everywhere. It's especially bad on college campuses. I think people are letting these devices substitute for their brains. They seem to have no idea how to relate not only to other human beings, but even to the physical environment around them. Wherever they go, they are never truly present. It's eerie, sinister, Orwellian. The device is a substitute for truly living.


  2. Sydney,
    Great post.

    Read on my iPhone