Sunday, February 8, 2015

"Slaughter of the Innocent",...again

ISIS is the 21st Century's answer to the Nazis or Pol Pot's "Khmer Rouge". These mad butchers have continued to do their bloody works even though they're off the front pages. I think Obama is leaving this mess for the next guy or gal.

He spends his time playing golf these days.

"Hope",...yeah thanks a lot shit head. As I say like folks during WW2 hearing rumors about what the Nazis were 'really' up to. So we hear nightmarish tales from the lands ruled by ISIS.

Well not just rumor. Sometimes photos, and video of their work get out. I posted the lovely boy up there not just because he's beautiful, but for what he represents. Innocence, and beauty at the mercy of religious murderers.

Fortunately the lad above is safe in the past. Maybe 130 years in the past, and safe at least from this current form of humanity's unleashed demons. Not so the young men seen here.

ISIS hunts tortures, and kills any, and all Queers they can find. In this they are no different than our "allies" the new Iraqi government. They look the other way as Queers are hunted, and killed by local militias, and assorted clerics, and mobs.

Queers caught by ISIS are given quick religious "trials" found guilty, and are immediately beheaded. That or as here taken to the roof of a high rise, and thrown off.

There are no words.

In many parts of the world, even in some places in the West Queers of all kinds...yeah even the Straight-gay "stroller pushers"  are marked for Death.

Seems we're Kikes, & Niggers all rolled into a convenient package. Btw Blacks in this country are profoundly homophobic,...and anti-Semitic. My g-d what an ugly confusing mess.

Comrades if you happen to live in a State that's gun-nut Krazy you're oddly lucky. You can buy an automatic rifle, and tons of might want to consider doing this.

Here in the Emerald City we have the harshist gun laws in the country. They put you away...and have btw for just having a "Paint-Ball" gun.

So we're pretty fucked as far as self-defense is concerned. All we can do...or rather all our surviving relatives or friends can do is call the cops after we've been hacked stabbed or blown to jelly.

A hell of a situation ain't it.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Does this mean Allah doesn't like fags?

    Well actually, maybe it's Abraham & YHVH that don't like us, and Mohammed & his One God are just latecomers to that particular party, more recently followed by Fred Phelps & Co.

    One genocide from the last century, or just a little before, that seldom gets mentioned is the slaughter of Congolese by the Belgians under Leopold II. That was nothing to do with religion that I've heard of; it was a case of colonialists forcing the locals to harvest insane quotas of rubber on pain of having their hands severed or worse. Around 10 million fatalities, I've read. Then there were the Putumayo Indians of Amazonian Peru - smaller numbers, but a similar scenario.

    Like our closest relatives the chimps, we humans are capable of being very nice indeed, or equally nasty. I guess that's why ISIS and the American Friends Service Committee are about as far apart as you can get.

    Lovely image above, BTW. Reminiscent of Hakim's "Crowstone."


  2. Good post Uncle! Good post!
    Yeah, Z, have to agree it would be just great on "Crowstone".

  3. "I guess that's why ISIS and the American Friends Service Committee are about as far apart as you can get."

    This reminds me of a passage from "Contact". Carl Sagan's novel about First Contact. At one point the representative of the Alien cultures sez of humanity, "...You have such beautiful Dreams, and such Terrible Nightmares."

    "'re an interesting mix."

    Indeed we are. We seem in constant battle with our Demons, and Angels. This is just who we are.

    Uncle Syd