Friday, February 13, 2015

"Peace, Quiet Peace"


  1. Yes Sydney,
    We need peace and quiet. We need a relaxed "Joy Society"

    I've been thinking of the undeserved caused by ignorance stress we boy lovers live under. It's Goebbels we live under. No other way to describe our world.

  2. We are Sexual Outlaws. The last of the Soldiers of the Great Cultural Revolution of Decades Past. We have always been here we will continue to be here.

    I reject such narrow inaccurate descriptions like Boy Lover or Bacon Lettuce, and Cheese lovers. We are what we said we were so long ago. Human Beings. Free Loving Creative Nuts HAPPY Human's living on in within a BEAUTIFUL EARTH.

    No we are not some tiny despised subset of a somewhat 'still' despised social group. Oh how convenient to shove souls into such tiny false boxes. All the better to ignore or dispose of in.

    I remember the Revolution the thing they laugh at or pretend never even happened. I remember the goal. Freedom Fulfillment, and Love for EVERYONE.

    Lukas you are not the one little thing you mention. You are a whole multiverse of realities, and potentials...remember that.

    Never Ever Forget That.

  3. Your words are oxygen Sidney. The politics of identity is a Procrustean bed on which Krafft-Ebing's minions lop pieces from people, a prison to keep nature in for her torment, and a tool of control through alienation. Love the Liberator is the animating spirit of Revolution, and as you say he desires freedom for *everyone*.

  4. Amen my brothers... Amen!