Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Hell",...from our Archives.

"A Game Show in Hell"

(Bad Taste Post No. 82 in a series of 600)

"Escape Your Punishment!"

A devil in a white tux holding a neon red pitch fork sez,...

"Alright contestant number one, here it is."

"Should you eat this bowl of fresh steamy shit, careful it's runny,...orrrr!"

"Shoot this puppy in the head with a shotgun?!"

Then the sound of a big ticking clock, and tense off screen game show music begins.

"No help from the audience please"...time's running down,..shit, or dead doggie."

"Remember this is for the Grand Prize,...a 'whole' hour off from the Lake of Fire,..." "And!" "...wait for it,....a large Glass of Ice Water!!"

The audience of the damned goes,"...OOOOOOOOHHHH!"

The music builds as the puppy wags it's tail, and the sweaty contestant ever so slightly edges towards the rack of shot guns.


(This was inspired by a recent nightmare. Hey ya gott'a get your material where you can.)

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