Friday, June 10, 2016

"Yet More Good News"

Yeah it's probably pointless even bringing this stuff up anymore. ''...but what the bleep. Seems the End of the World continues though lately at a slightly faster pace.

Greenland is melting.

Sure we all know that. It's just going a bit faster that we thought. Seems they're having a late Spring heatwave up there. Sort of like the heatwave the Arctic had last winter where temps that should have been below 0f were instead hovering near 70f.

It's warmer in Greenland this week than it is in the Bronx.

Swell huh.

Nuuk, Greenland’s capital, soared to 75 degrees (24 Celsius) Thursday, marking the warmest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic country during June. Nuuk sits on Greenland’s southwest coast, where the country’s warmest weather typically occurs.

It was warmer in Nuuk than it was in New York City, where the high was only 71 degrees.
The Danish Meteorological Institute has confirmed on a preliminary basis that the Nuuk measurement would replace the previous record of 73.8 degrees (23.2 Celsius), which was set in Kangerlussuaq on June 15 in 2014. That temperature was also recorded in southwest Greenland about 200 miles (320 km) north of Nuuk.

Thursday’s toasty reading in Nuuk marks the second exceptionally warm temperature recorded in southwest Greenland since April, when the ice melt season began about a month prematurely.

On April 11, Kangerlussuaq hit a record high of 64.4 degrees (17.8 Celsius). “This was the warmest April temperature on record at that location, and it nearly set an all-time warm temperature record for Greenland as a whole,” reported Mashable’s Andrew Freedman.

“This is the earliest onset of ice loss in our 27-year record",  said climate scientist Peter Langen.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Do a YouTube search for a guy named Dawson Church. He teaches you how to make yourself happy. No jive - very simple, scientifically-based techniques. Definitely worth checking out in these trying times.


  2. I'd rather do drugs. Which I don't have can't get, and they'd kill my butt anyway. Okay maybe I'll look this "Happy Guy" up...what could go wrong one cult is as good as the next.

    Btw sincerely...thanks for caring.

  3. “I despise the kind of book which tells you how to live, how to make yourself happy! Philosophers have no good news for you at this level! I believe the first duty of philosophy is making you understand what deep shit you are in!”
    -Slavoj Žižek, interview of 5 July 2010

  4. That's very philosophically rigorous and all, but what if Sidney runs out of meds? Are Slavoj Žižek and his fun-loving Hegelian Marxist party animal friends going to provide us with cheap high-quality mood-boosting drugs? I want to *enjoy* watching civilizational collapse.


  5. Is Dawson Church a drug pusher?

  6. No, he peddles moonshine.


  7. They should call Dawson Dr. Moonbeam. Just more hocus-pocus to make his brand of witchcraft marketable and bring in the big bucks from the deluded buffoons.

  8. At this point I'd welcome all the "Moonshine" anyone can pour!

  9. Anyway I had a look...harmless enough. I've seen worse, and done worse. I'm still leaning towards becoming a Drug Addict again.

    Though strictly speaking I 'still' am, the quacks say, and will remain so for life. I've just not had any in a few decades is all.

    However with my health crapping the hell out...that diabetes noise may kill my ass I figure what's the harm.

    The down side being retired. I'm too damned broke to get any good shit...I don't think Medicare will front me any Medical Meth Medical Heroin or Medical Cocaine.

    However their is Lisbon.

    These guys are smart. All drugs are legal they treat addicts not like criminals, but as the seriously ill. That, and drug use has gone down by half...along with all the crime that came with it.


    We'll do the same in about 2000 years.

  10. I'm sorry you're feeling poorly Sidney. I'd love to see you get at least some of your health back and feel much better.

    I'm glad you had a look. Moonshine is a time-honored tradition, very therapeutic, and produced by sensible backwoodsmen everywhere. Had our irritable friends bothered to do even a little fact-checking, they would know that Church's ideas (Dawson is his *first* name) are based on biochemistry, physiology and epigenetics, and are supported by a good many methodologically sound studies. He's the kind of guy who reads around 100 peer-reviewed articles each month, not a fraud or a huckster after the manner of Werner Erhard or L. Ron Hubbard, as they evidently prefer to imagine.

    That's good news about Lisbon - I presume you mean the one in Portugal. I'd be happy to move to that part of the world, where there appears to be something resembling sanity.