Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Walk About"...part l

Well I left my now warm rooms for a bit of a walk about today. There's my Pod-Station dining room above. As you may know I'm a bit of a mild "Shut-in". Though I'm told that it's called "Nesting" now.

Sounds better.

It seems that some become more like cats as we get older. We sleep pad about sleep listen to things none can hear watch that which none can see sleep eat, and then sleep.

My walls are warm.

This happens in heatwaves which this may be. That is if tomorrow is 90f or above too. Don't know the forecast since I stopped watching TV. However the thermometer by my kitchen window said 92f yesterday, and about the same right now. The this is direct sunlight temps so we'll see.

Warm walls.

Except for my bedroom.

I have few luxuries these days, but A.C. is one I'm in no way giving up. No more eating out no more book shopping no movies...but my bedroom...where most of us live 'refrigerated'.

It's gonna stay that way too.

Well that's what I've been doing. Writing sleeping reading thinking, and of course sleeping. However for reasons unknown I put my "Keds" on, and went to Times Square to watch the eternal parade of souls.

Okay also that small park just off 44th street.

I always go to "T.S."...well the Museum of Natural History too, but mostly Times Square. I remember when it was seriously dangerous. It was filthy deadly insane, and great fun!

It's calmed down since.

( Here below are a few snaps of today's outing. Sorry I only took a few. This was not a documenting outing. I was just there to be there.)

This to go with my above piece about my walking tour of Mid-Town.

This is Walt Whitman's "Broadway"

What hurrying human tides, or day or night!
What passions, winnings, losses, ardors, swim
thy waters!

What whirls of evil, bliss and sorrow stem, thee!
What curious questioning glances—glints of
Leer, envy, scorn, contempt, hope, aspiration!
Thou portal—thou arena—thou of the myriad
long-drawn lines and groups!
(Could but thy flagstones, curbs, facades tell
their inimitable tales);
Thy windows, rich and huge hotels—thy side-
walks wide;
Thou of the endless sliding, mincing, shuffling
Thou, like the parti-colored world itself—like
infinite, teeming, mocking life!
Thou visor'd, vast, unspeakable show and


                                                                 Wadda Guy!

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