Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Hey No Funny Business you Guys!"

Just thought I'd mention that folks from the Netherlands the UK Austria Russia France Portugal Japan China Israel Canada, and Brooklyn have logged on to read this stuff I'm doing today.

I always wondered what the hell they make of all this here.

I mean these cats come by all the time. Well this lot just today, but there are  plenty of other countries on other days. Some come, and never come back, but others hang around. They almost never comment that's okay.

I'd like it fine if they did though.

Still I do wonder what they make of the sweaty ravings of an aging Queer Colored guy in fucking Brooklyn. I don't know...must be my amazing talents, and cool personality...yeah that's it.

Btw the above image is my perverted Memorial for the Dead in Orlando.

Them evil fuckers can kill us all they want. For everyone lost another Dozen are Born to take their place. Them two baby Sissies above being gleeful examples of our replacement troops newly born which are already on their way.

So there!

Stay Tuned.


  1. I *love* this photo!


  2. It's so sweet. ...and yes for everyone of us that falls a Dozen new Sissies like the sweet babies above will take their place!

  3. We come into the world by the Metric Ton every damned day!!