Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Wonderful News"

Yeah you guessed it. Along with mass slaughter all over the world. Including our own back yard. I mean what with the mass shooting of Queers, and Chicago getting the Crown as the most insane City in this country. 

They just passed the 1000 mark in people getting shot.

No not in the last decade. Not in the last year.  Nope. These maniacs managed this feat of 1000 folks shot fucking dead, and who knows how many wounded, and or emotionally traumatized for life.

They got the Gold for slaughtering 1000 of their neighbors just since January. Almost out doing NYC the Emerald City in 1993. We killed 3000 of our friends, and neighbors that year.

More than the casualties of the first two years of the Vietnam War.

Not bad, and a tough record to beat! However the "Windy City" is well on it's way. At the rate their going they'll be cigar, but close.

'But I digress kinda.

Oh yeah as you've guessed last month May was the Hottest Month ever recorded in the 'history' of the world. Or at least the history of our species...which actually ain't that long, but that's another story. 

Btw this is in a conga line of 8 contiguous months of "Hottest Ever".  Don't think so?'s the bleeping Weather channel...and they never lie...unless well paid to.

May 2016 was the warmest May on record for the earth, according to an analysis released Monday by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. The top three warmest Mays in NASA's dataset have all now occurred in the last three years.

The global temperature departure in May 2016 was 0.93 degrees Celsius above the 1951-1980 average. This beat the previous May record set in 2014 by 0.07 degrees Celsius.

This also marks the eighth consecutive month in a row in NASA's dataset that the earth has recorded its warmest respective month on record.

Ain't that some shit.

May 2016 also continues a string of 370 consecutive months at or warmer than average. The last colder-than-average month in NASA's database was July 1985.

Whoa...say that noise again!

May 2016 also continues a string of 370 consecutive months at or warmer than average. The last colder-than-average month in NASA's database was July 1985.

Well that does it comrades were fucked as fucking shit. 

Parts of Alaska, northwest Canada, northern Europe, northeast Russia, northern Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and east-central South America had a serious temperature departures above May's "normal" average.

Okay so those that can get to high ground pool your resources, and hunker down for a long haul,...say 100,000 years or so. Don't expect any government to warn you openly. How many read the Weather Channel page?

You'll have to piece it together for yourselves. 

If I were in my teens or early 20's today. I wouldn't be wasting my time like the Bernie folks with any Revolution. Me, and my pals would be scouting out places where we could live. 

That, and supporting any groups that are trying to save the best, and most useful parts of this temporary world culture. 

"Temporary" because it is. Yeah it's vast, and grand, and speaks well of the species, but it came late to the party. Sadly too bleeping late, and "will not survive" the "Great Shit Storm" that's already started.

As for aging fuckers like me...well we saw the Empire at it's height. We went to the Stars cured diseases that confounded shamans for millennia invented pizza, and had cool cars with fins that didn't stop. Yeah we had a ball.

That is literally history now.

It will be the stuff of legend. In fact already is since millions don't believe it ever happened. This despite eye witnesses all over the place, and ample historic records. People are a frightened, and generally stupid lot.

There's the example of that Moon landing denier that said to an actual Moon astronaut, "'re a liar you never went anywhere."

There ya has it boys, and girls.

Good Luck. 

Stay Tuned.




  1. "If I were in my teens or early 20's today. I wouldn't be wasting my time like the Bernie folks with any Revolution. Me, and my pals would be scouting out places where we could live."

    You are *so* right about that. Trying to save or reform society is an absolute waste of effort, guaranteed to fail catastrophically. Making realistic arrangements for some kind of alternative living is the only way that lies open (aside from suicide pacts and the like). Making some efforts to salvage the best of our culture for future reference is also worthwhile.

    The other day in Oakland I was chased down by a security guard for parking where his boss thought my povertymobile shouldn't be. Because I told him I found his behavior frightening (it was), he accused me of being racist (he was black, I'm white). It never occurred to him that a huge guy chasing people down the street while yelling at them might be scary for any other reasons. Oakland has more than its share of Marcus Garvey-worshiping lunatics. Meanwhile, the sticks and the boondocks are infested with orange-splattered paintball-playing KKK'ers and other assorted nutters.

    When random mass violence comes to California - and it will - I expect it will likely break along racial lines in some locales, and much nastiness will be sparked by inane parking and traffic squabbles on a regular basis, flaring up lethally practically anywhere. Those are the foreseeable types of incidents; other random 8-balls of malignant synchronicity will fly in from left field or out of the blue with ever-increasing frequency.

    About the Moon-landing deniers: it's funny how ever more people fall for paranoid conspiracy bullshit as society deteriorates. I see it as a symptom of the mass stupidity which naturally accompanies general cultural decay.


  2. Oh, BTW, it looks like NASA is the only major scientific institution that's telling anything like the truth about climate change - or at any rate, some individuals or factions within appear to be doing so. Too many of the rest are apparently shills for the oil industry.

    For more on this, check out "Merchants of Doubt," by Naomi Oreskes. Turns out the climate denialists are using the same sort of dubious arguments and spurious logic that the tobacco industry used to suppress evidence that smoking is bad for you, in order to continue to profit by killing people for decades longer than they could have otherwise.

    Not only that, but even some of the same individuals are engaged in the climate change denial propaganda. They'll probably wind up killing even more people than tobacco did during that time. When sea level rises 20 feet or more, that is going to stir up some *really* serious consequences.

    This could all have been avoided if it weren't for the Reagan Rebolushun destroying the hippie counterculture and the energy conservation programs that were associated with it. We Americans are so fucking stupid it blows my mind.


  3. "Twenty feet"

    That's a lot of shoes.

    Also a climate disaster which I've already lived through so I know what it will look like.

    For starters in my 'hood the Manhattan coastline will revert to pre-European development levels. We couldn't help, but notice this during "Sandy".

    The water went to "Front Street" drowning everything behind it including the former radio station I foolishly devoted my life to.

    The Hudson, and East Rivers reclaimed their former haunts sinking three hundred+ years of landfill. We returned to the 15th century for near a week. Next time it will be for good.

    As for the stupidity of our species. Well of course this can always be counted on. However a tiny few are somehow just a tiny bit less dense so will try to save what they can. This gives me a little hope for the far future.

    This may insure that there will be some sort of hopefully wiser saner culture that may evolve after the worse hits. ...and it will hit sooner than we thought. Not centuries away, but as I've read just a few decades before the shit hit all the blades at once, and just keeps going.

    I'll kick the bucket before it gets seriously big so i'll likely continue with my Medicare, and Social security pizza money. However towards mid-century all bets are off. We're fuck...sure the rich will hang on for a few decades longer than most, but even they will go done in time.

    Then it's a watery Mad Max world for a very long time. Till maybe the 26th century, and there's another "Enlightenment", and we search out of history, and begin again.