Sunday, January 17, 2016

"About that Story"

Yeah I know it would be impossible to film "Death in Venice" today mores the pity. Still the damned thing...despite being cute pisses me the hell off. There's director Visconti up there with sweetie pie.

That "Tadzio" kid what a damned flirt. "You cruel bastard!"

The old professor is even worse. What a repressed Closet case! He just sits there, and stares. Hey this was 100 years before the damned "Hysteria" took hold. Which btw is in it's 40th year....and counting.

So I'm sitting there watching this thing wondering,..."well when da hell is the action gonna start?" Hey you jerks is either gonna bang the hell out'a each other or not!

I mean you're either going to put the damned "Do not Disturb" sign on the door. Order up their best Champagne break out the Coke Angel Dust, and Buddhist prayer beads then bang each other through the damned bed-springs or ya ain't!

 Well they didn't.

Two frigging hours I sat through this thing, and 'nothing', but flirts from sweetie pie, and repressed anguish from grampa! It was like a Queer version of the "Blue Angel" it.

I mean what was the damned point?!

Sure yeah yeah I read the book. "Death In Venice" If ya ain't figured that out yet. I know what the original deal was.   However when I saw the film...geeze.

Remember this was the weird, and seriously insane early 1970's. I figured there 'must' have been some seriously wild re-writing going on.



Old artist meets Angelic youth...if that ain't a recipe for some serious entanglements what is? It don't matter if it was guys gals or guys, and guys...'something' would'a happened!

Aw never mind I don't know why I even bring it up. Maybe in a 1000 years they're re-make a version closer to human reality. I'll be watching from Purgatory. ...if I'm lucky.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Marvelous photo up top!

    Aschenbach needs to pick up an Italian street kid. Little aristos are constantly watched by their minders, it's a losing proposition. But of course being a hopeless romantic he's obsessed with the unattainable ideal - uh, not like anyone I know.


  2. mmm,...who me? ...uh you?

    Aw naw nobody we know is like that.