Friday, January 15, 2016


"As if things weren't insane enough for Russian Queers. Now it's going to be a crime to "Come Out!"

The most basic act of self respect for any Fag is to acknowledge who they are, and the world can go fuck itself! Now even 'that' most intimate personal, and basic human right is a crime.

In Russia as in Africa the whole Mid-East except for Israel the Caribbean, and parts of Asia..."Queerdom" means Death. That or living a whole life in fear.

In fact here in the "Land of the 'Not' so Free Anymore". There are Millions...yeah millions that would like the same here. They see us as another very dangerous, and vile species that must be eradicated.

Odd that I was just thinking the same about them.

The entry below is from Queer media, and paints a grim picture for our Russian sisters, and brothers. There are few articles about the persecutions in other parts of the world. 

...except for the photos of Queers beaten to death hanged shot burned stoned or tossed off tall buildings that show up now, and then.

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Russian lawmakers are drafting a bill that would impose fines or jail time for “coming out” as gay.

Citing a report Friday in the state-owned newspaper Izvestia, Newsweek reports the bill would criminalize making a “public confession of their non-traditional sexual orientation.”

The bill is intended as an amendment to the already controversial law banning “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” to minors.

The lower house of the Russian parliament, the State Duma, passed the original law in 2013 that has been labelled “a tool of discrimination [that] legitimizes anti-LGBT violence” by Human Rights Watch.

 According to the proposed amendment to the law, people who are defined as having “non-traditional sexual orientation” could be fined 5,000 roubles ($80) for “demonstrating [their] own expressed sexual preferences in public places.”

If the same is done in schools, cultural establishments or government buildings, this would be punishable by up to 15 days in jail.

Angels Weep.

Stay Tuned. 


  1. This is terrible. I begin to wonder if we're not seeing the start of a global anti-gay backlash, with Russia as its fulcrum. At this point in history the west is clearly a fuckup; yet the liberalization within it of attitudes toward homosexuality is one of the most positive developments of the past 300 years. It would be a disaster to lose that.

    During the 1990s the USA, gloating over the collapse of the USSR and wallowing in repugnant triumphalism, made the colossal error of trying to treat Russia as a vassal state. No wonder they despise us and our values. I suppose that what is happening there now is in part a bitter harvest we have sown. So to some degree I blame us, though Putin & his establishment are probably primarily responsible.

    As we continue to lose our liberties in America, classic political activism alone may no longer prove so effective as in the past. We need to develop some kind of transformative magic that can transcend political boundaries. Though how that would work I have no idea.


  2. "We need to develop some kind of transformative magic that can transcend political boundaries. Though how that would work I have no idea."

    Me neither.

    I think you're right about the backlash against "Western Triumphalism". Most of the world seems eager to return to their tribal roots, and values. The "Enlightenment", and it's bright offshoots is being slowly un-done all around us.

    Perhaps parts just "parts" of the West keeping a few tattered bits of it. The Millions that support the Trump Movement is unsettling.

    Remember after the Civil War Blacks had Civil Rights were elected officials, and were just becoming economically stable...then it was 'ALL' lost.

    In less that 20 years every bit of it was lost. It took 140 to now to get back to where we were in 1870.

    This could happen again on a grander scale in the West as it's already well under way in the East.

    As a Imperial era Brit might say, "...We're in a Damned Hell of a Pickle".

    Yet without 'any' evidence to support it I still have Hope.

    "Hope" is where it always began.

  3. Btw...'More' Russians are coming here to our little obscure page than folks from the rest of the world...including the U.S.of A.

    "More" by double sometimes more.

    I doubt it's my swell prose or the pictures. I think they're desperate for 'anything' that gives them comfort in these dark daze.

    This not being a known Queer site is not, yet, blocked. Yeah the block gay stuff over there...bastards!

  4. 'Course this means I can't be 'too' over the top. So I'm trying to be somewhat covert. Our old pal "Bob the Bunny" will be lending a hand in mis-directing the Thought Police in various countries.

    That "Bob" wadda Bunny!